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Hundreds of Tokens have been scattered around the Town of Milton and Halton Region; now is your chance to collect them all!

Quest Milton is the new mobile game from the Milton Public Library, in association with Town of Milton Community Services, Conservation Halton, and Halton Heritage Services.

Explore your community, collect tokens and earn free rewards! Tour the town of Milton, Ontario with Quest Milton, and discover your neighbourhood!

Summer Reading Club Launch Party

We will begin the fun with our annual launch party on Saturday, June 23rd from 1-3 pm! This year's theme is "Fandom Fun" and will include all kinds of popular themes and characters. Join us for crafts, activities, games, special guests, prizes and most importantly, to sign up for this year's Summer Reading Club!  Stay tuned for further details! 

Reading Rocks

This summer, MPL will be launching a new initiative that will have kids all over Milton on the hunt for "Reading Rocks".  Hundreds of rocks will be hidden around Milton, each donning a book character, waiting for children to find them and return them to the library. In doing so, they will receive extra Summer Reading Club ballots and have even more chances to win prizes!

Stay tuned for further details. 

Battle of the Books

Battle of the Books is an annual book based trivia tournament for Milton elementary school children in grades 3 through 8.

For additional information please contact:

Bekah Crozier, Children's Services Librarian, by email, bekah.crozier@mpl.on.ca or phone 905-875-2665 ext. 3266.


Eileen Gallagher, Children’s Information Associate, by email, eileen.gallagher@mpl.on.ca or phone 905-875-2665 ext. 3286.

All about Battle

Congratulations to our 2017 Battle of the Books Winners:

  • Boyne Public School -Senior
  • St. Benedict Catholic School - Junior

Why Participate?

Battle of the Books is a literacy-building program that is a great way to get kids excited about reading and to help them branch out in their reading choices. It also encourages good sportsmanship and fair play.

Spirit of Fun:

While we call it a ‘battle’ we always try to maintain a spirit of fun and fair play to help ensure that even those teams who do not win still have a fun time.


During each round, pairs of teams face off against each other in various locations around the Library. When the round is complete, scores are tallied and the teams move to their next battle. Each team plays an equal number of battles.

Team Makeup:

Each team has a maximum of nine players, with six members from each battling at any one time. Halfway through the battle, teams may substitute three players. Junior level teams have up to three students from grades three, four and five. Senior level teams have up to three students from grades six, seven and eight. A maximum of two students from each grade may play at any given time. However, if you do not have enough players from a certain grade, you may substitute younger children for older, but not vice versa.

One team member should be chosen to be the spokesperson. While the team is encouraged to quietly discuss the possible answers, all answers must be given through the spokesperson.


In a round robin battle, teams are asked questions based on books. Questions alternate between the two teams. A team has 30 seconds in which to give the correct author and/or title. During the round robins, teams will be asked eight questions per round. During the Grand Battle, there will be 10 questions per round.


The team being questioned earns five points for the title/character/series and three points for the author. Author surname is sufficient, and in the case of joint authorship, only one surname is required. Titles must be exact. The adjudicator's decision will be final in the case of any questionable team answers.  If the team cannot answer the question, the opposing team has the chance to answer immediately, with two points given for title/character name and one point for the author. A cumulative score will be kept for each team and the winners will be notified by the end of the tournament day

The Winners:

The two teams with the highest cumulative score from both the junior and senior levels go on to play in the Grand Battle. The Grand Battle is held in the evening. The winning teams from the Grand Battle (one junior, one senior) go on to represent Milton at the Regional Battle in May, which is held during the school day in one of the four public libraries in Halton.


Spectators are allowed to watch the battles, but space is limited and we cannot guarantee a good view of the events. 

Location Program Date
Milton Public Library,
Beaty Branch

Junior Round Robins Monday, April 9, 2018
Milton Public Library,
Beaty Branch

Senior Round Robins Monday, April 16, 2018

Milton Public Library,
Beaty Branch

Grand Battle Monday, April 23, 2018
Burlington Public Library Halton Regional Battle Thursday, May 10, 2018

In late fall, the Children's Services Librarian sends a registration package to all elementary schools in Milton.  The team entry forms are due back in late January and the team rosters are due in late March.  

TD Summer Reading Club

TD Summer Reading Club is Canada’s largest summer reading program for kids of all ages, all interests, and all abilities. This free program is offered at 2,000 public libraries across Canada, and it’s easy to include in any summer plans.

Why join a TD Summer Reading Club?

When you join the TD Summer Reading Club at the Milton Public Library, you will receive a logbook and free stickers. You will also receive a secret code to expand your fun online and join children participating across Canada. Find books, add and read reviews, tell jokes, and more! Participating also:

  • Encourages and strengthens the habit of reading for pleasure
  • Creates life-long learners
  • Increases children's reading skills
  • Reduces summer learning loss

Talk to MPL's library staff this summer to find out how your family can join the TD Summer Reading Club and get your free materials!

TD Summer Reading Club at the Milton Public Library

Every year the Milton Public Library launches the TD Summer Reading Club with a big event in mid-late June. Children can register for the Reading Club during this event, or any time after.

Once children are registered they:

1.     Read books

2.     Record what they have read in their logbooks

3.     Report on what they have read

Children are encouraged to read books at their own reading level and to read as much as they possibly can. Staff are always available to help them find some great books if they don’t know what to read next. After they complete a book, they simply record it in the logbook they received at registration.  Finally, when they visit the library, they will show their logbook to the library staff and talk about what they have been reading. Children are encouraged to check in with staff weekly, or as much as possible, throughout the summer.

When children come into the library to show our library staff their logbook, they will likely be asked a question like “which book was your favourite book this week, and why was it your favourite?” Or, “What happened in this book?” Library staff will check off the books that have been read so far and reward the child with a ballot for each book read (children reading longer books will receive more than one ballot per book) to enter in the prize draws. A maximum of 50 ballots per child, will be awarded for the entire summer.

A wide variety of prize packages will be available for the Reading Club registrants to win. They will be invited to put their ballots into their favourite prize boxes. The more they read = the more chances they have to win!

Opportunities for bonus ballots will also become available throughout the summer months – so be sure to watch for those!

The prize draws take place towards the end of August and all winners will be notified via telephone.

Further details about our 2018 TD Summer Reading Club, will be available in the spring of 2018. Stay tuned!     


LEGO® Family Drop-in*

Come with friends, or make new ones, and use your imagination to create things with LEGO®.  All LEGO® is provided. *Parental supervision is required

January 11-March 2

Thursdays 4:00 - 5:00 pm, Beaty Branch

Fridays 3:30 - 4:30 pm, Main Library

Play-Based Coding Workshop (Ages 8-10)

Fun activities, offline games, designing and journaling for an animation project, and of course, the basics of coding to bring imaginative ideas to life. No prior coding experience necessary.  Children are asked to bring their own laptop.  Brought to you by Code-It-Hacks.

Saturday January 13 1:00 - 3:30 pm, Main Library


Saturday January 20 1:30 - 4:00 pm, Beaty Branch

Registration begins December 16.  Space is limited.