Laurier Milton Lecture Series VI: 2014 / 2015

Overview of Lecture Series

Lecture series

Wilfrid Laurier University is pleased to partner with the Town of Milton and the Milton Public Library to present the sixth "Laurier Milton Lecture Series."

Wilfrid Laurier has long supported the public role of academics to bring their knowledge and thinking outside of the classroom. The Laurier Milton Lecture Series provides a wonderful opportunity to engage in a public dialogue with citizens of Milton on a broad array of important topics. We are pleased that the presentations represent the current research and analysis of members of different Faculties and University Departments/Programs.

The lecture series is a partnership between the Town of Milton, Wilfrid Laurier University, and the Milton Public Library.

Preliminary 2014 / 2015 Lecture Series Schedule

Lecture Series Schedule

Admission is free. All lectures take place from 7:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. at the Milton Centre for the Arts on the dates noted below.

Please note: Some or all of the lectures may be filmed and televised on TVCOGECO.

Registration details are expected by September 19th.

October 8,
Extraordinary Progress and Glaring Gaps: Women’s International Human Rights Since 1970
by Rhoda E. Howard-Hassman, PhD, FRSC, Department of Global Studies, Faculty of Arts
This lecture discusses progress and problems in universal women's rights since 1970, focusing both on the international law of women's rights and on developments in Canada. It discusses ongoing debates about women's rights, such as the meaning of cultural relativism; women's position in religion; and debates about such matters as abortion, prostitution, and traditional practices. It also discusses new women's issues such as the effects of globalization on women and whether humanitarian law sufficiently takes into account the interests of women and girls.
November 12,
The Shell Shock Enigma
by Mark Humphries, PhD, Department of History, Faculty of Arts
December 10,
Exploring the Fourth State of Matter: The Design and Preparation of New Liquid Crystalline Materials
by Ken Maly, PhD, Chemistry and Biochemistry, Faculty of Science
January 14,
Can Property Rights Substantially Reduce Aboriginal Poverty on Canadian Indian Reserves?
by Chris Alcantara, PhD, Political Science, Faculty of Arts
February 11,
Settlement and Immigration Programming in Southwestern Ontario
by Jennifer Long, PhD, Anthropology, Faculty of Arts
March 11
Community Music at Laurier
by Lee Willingham, PhD, and the Laurier Singers, Faculty of Music
April 8,
The Pleasure of Metaphor: a Reading and a Lecture
by Sonnet L’Abbe, PhD, Laurier Writer in Residence
May 13
First Person Simulation: Using Immersion to Communicate Consumer Experience
by Sarah Wilner, PhD, Marketing, School of Business and Economics