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Enjoy animated talking books, read-alongs, chapter books, eBooks, eAudiobooks and eMagazines wherever you are! Discover interesting facts, get information for school projects or learn new things for the fun of it!

When you are accessing these databases from outside the library you may be prompted to enter your library barcode. Databases marked by a Canadian flag Canadian content contain substantial Canadian content.

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Livres électroniques pour cyberenfants. Part of the TumbleBook Library Collection.
Enjoy digital magazines including kids magazines American Girl, Discovery Girls, National Geographic Kids, How it Works, and Ladybug.
Kids eReading Room Get help
An eReading space just for kids featuring over 4,000 Kids Fiction and Non-Fiction from our Libraries on the Go collection of downloadable eBooks and eAudiobooks.
TumbleBookCloud Junior
An online library of e-books, read-alongs, audiobooks, graphic novels and National Geographic videos. For children grades 3 to 6.
TumbleBook Library
Access talking picture books, read alongs, audio books, puzzles and games for children. Learning a new language? Enjoy some titles in English, French and Spanish.
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Discovery, Learning & School Project Help

Brainfuse HelpNow
Get learning support from Kindergarten through Grade 12. Chat live with online tutors, create study aids, and take practice tests.
Britannica Online for Kids
Cut out the web clutter and find reliable, age-appropriate material. Educational. Safe. Up-to-date.
Early World of Learning
Helps preschoolers and children develop reading and oral language skills. Enjoy narrated stories with word-by-word highlighting, interactive games, a talking encyclopedia, and more to help young learners build vocabulary, comprehension, phonics, and reading fluency.
Just for Kids Access Video
Learn about nature and the world around you, see books and stories brought to life, discover reading, homework help, and more!
PebbleGo Animals, Science & Dinosaurs
Start your journey by selecting Animals, Science or Dinosaurs. Interactive databases especially designed for emerging readers.
Universalis Junior In Library | From Home
Are you a French immersion student? This French encyclopedia is perfect for you! If you are unsure what some of the text means, try viewing the equivalent English article. If you are brushing up on your pronunciation, you can listen to the articles.

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Just for Kids Access Video

Learn about nature and the world around you, see books and stories brought to life, discover reading, homework help, and more! Start exploring!

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Dinosaurs have been added to Pebble Go!

Learn all about dinosaurs, what they ate, and where they lived. Compare them with modern day animals. Read, Listen, Watch! Perfect for emerging readers, new readers and little scientist. Get started with PebbleGo Dinosaurs!