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The Silver Birch Award®

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The Silver Birch Award® features recently published Canadian children's books in three lists for children aged 8 to 12 in Grades 3 to 6. The Express list focuses on the lower grade levels and the Fiction and Non-Fiction lists focuses on the Grade 5 and 6 readers.

Nominees are announced in October of each year and voting opens in April of the following year.


Latest Winners

2018 Silver Birch Winners - Three Categories

Check out the latest Silver Birch Award® winners:

Smiley From Ant to Eagle Top Dogs

Current Express Nominees

2019 Express Nominees

Check out the current nominees:

A Bear's Life The Elephant Keeper The Greatest Gift The Hollow Under the Tree Meet Viola Desmond The Case of Firebane’s Folly The Theory of Hummingbirds What Makes a Monster? Discovering the World's Scariest Creatures Where’s Burgess?

Not Yet Available


Current Fiction Nominees

2019 Fiction Nominees

Check out the current nominees:

The Almost Epic Squad: Mucus Mayhem Chase Ebb and Flow Elephant Secret Falcon Wild Missing Mike Sit

Not Yet Available

Holly Farb and the Princess of the Galaxy Mine! The Train of Lost Things

Current Non-Fiction Nominees

2019 Non-Fiction Nominees

Check out the current nominees:

Basketballogy Biometrics Engineered!: Engineering Design at Work A Fair Deal: Shopping For Social Justice New Hands, New Life: Robots, Prostheses and Innovation Rising Seas: Flooding, Climate Change And Our New World The Triumphant Tale of the House Sparrow

Not Yet Available

Bat Citizens Broken Pieces Carey Price