Caregivers & Educators:

Milton Public Library has a variety of resources to support literacy, life-long learning, leisure reading, and educational needs.  MPL's expert staff are passionate about literacy and helping our students succeed.

 Visiting the Library:

Library visits include a tour and stories as well as general information about library services. Library staff can also offer activities, project assistance, or book talks, depending on the needs of your group.  For more information, and to book a visit to the library, please contact:

Bekah Crozier (for visits to the Main Library)
Children's Services Librarian
905-875-2665 x3266


Maria Petricko (for visits to the Beaty Branch)
Branch Librarian
905-875-2665 x3290

Have the Library Visit You!

Library staff are also available to visit you and your group, to give a presentation about the library and all it has to offer. For more information, and to arrange a time to visit, please contact:

Bekah Crozier
Children's Services Librarian
905-875-2665 x3266

Kids getting on a bus to visit the library

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is there a cost attached to a library visit?

No. Library visits and tours are FREE!

Is parking available and is there a fee?

Parking is free at both the Main Library and Beaty Branch libraries.

Can we get library cards?

For teachers, please print the membership application form. Make copies for your students and send them home to be filled out by a parent/guardian. Include your name and school name at the top, so the library staff know which tour the cards are for. When you have collected the completed forms from parents, drop them off at the library you have scheduled your visit with. PLEASE RETURN FORMS AT LEAST ONE WEEK BEFORE THE VISIT.

Students who have had cards in the past and have outstanding fines may not get new cards. Students who already have library cards should bring them on the day of their visit, if they wish to take books home.

What can I expect?

An average visit is approximately 60 minutes in length. The physical tour is about 20 minutes and includes information about library cards, borrowing and other services. There is also a 20 minute age-appropriate storytime. Most classes choose to use their final 20 minutes to browse the collection, use the computers, and/or check out library materials.

To modify the basic visit, or have it extended, you can discuss your options in advance, with the library staff providing the tour.

We have a specific topic. Can you accommodate unique needs?

Of course! Library staff can tailor a storytime to a specific theme, or offer research tips for curriculum topics. Let the library know what your group’s needs or interests are, and we will work to cover those areas.

Do you speak to adult groups?

We are happy to speak to parent groups, home child care providers, and anyone who wants to learn more about early literacy, or what services we provide for children. It doesn't matter if your group includes children or not.