TD Summer Reading Club

TD Summer Reading Club is Canada’s largest summer reading program for kids of all ages, all interests, and all abilities. This free program is offered at 2,000 public libraries across Canada, and it’s easy to include in any summer plans.

Why join a TD Summer Reading Club?

When you join the TD Summer Reading Club at the Milton Public Library, you will receive a notebook and free stickers. You will also receive a secret code to expand your fun online and join children participating across Canada. Find books, add and read reviews, tell jokes, and more!

Participating also:

  • Encourages and strengthens the habit of reading for pleasure
  • Creates life-long learners
  • Increases children's reading skills
  • Reduces summer learning loss

Studies have shown that school-age children who participate in library summer reading programs improve or at least maintain their reading levels over the summer months.

Talk to staff this summer to find out how your family can join the TD Summer Reading Club and get your free materials!

TD Summer Reading Club at the Milton Public Library

Get reading, get creative, and have fun! Sign up for the TD Summer Reading Club anytime between June 23 and August 24.  Receive a notebook to track your reading through the summer. Earn up to 15 ballots for grand prize draws.

Once children are registered they:

  1. Read for a least 10 minutes a day (it's not a race!)
  2. Record every ten minutes they have read in their notebook.
  3. Are eligible for a ballot* for every 60 minutes they have recorded. 
    *Maximum 15 ballots for the summer=900 minutes of reading. 

Children are encouraged to read at their level for at least 10 minutes every day. Staff are always available to help them find some great books if they don’t know what to read next. For every ten minutes they read, they colour in a square in their notebook*. Once they have filled in 6 boxes (60 minutes), they are eligible for a ballot. *Notebooks are required to check-in (no exceptions).

When children come into the library to show library staff their notebook, they will be asked a question like “Did you have a favourite book, and why was it your favourite?” Or, “What happened in a book you were reading?” Library staff will  reward the child with one ballot for every 60 minutes read. They will be invited to put the ballots into their favourite prize box/es.

A wide variety of prize packages will be available for the Reading Club registrants to win.

The prize draws take place in the first week of September and all winners will be notified via telephone.