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Why Read Woke?

Milton Public Library is participating in the Read Woke Challenge to help the residents of Milton join in the fight to be stronger, more active, and more consistent allies in the fight for racial equality and social justice. One way that youth can learn about the world around them in through the social messages found in stories. They illustrate how society perceives their culture as well as that of their friends, family, peers, caregivers, and teachers. Stories are powerful tools in influencing and challenging preconceived notions, exploring the lived realities of others, and promoting inclusion, diversity, and mutual respect for others. They can leave lasting impressions that empower youth to stand up for others, appreciate and understand different ways of seeing the world, and build an empathetic and compassionate community.

Below are some booklists which you might helpful in getting started with your Read Woke Challenge. Please note that they are not definitive, and you are more than welcome to discover titles of your own by visiting our catalogue.

Just remember, a Read Woke book should be by and about marginalized persons, and must:

- Challenge social norms

- Give a voice to the voiceless

- Share or provide information about a group that has been discriminated against

- Seek to challenge the status quo

- Have a protagonist from an underrepresented or oppressed group

Teen Read Woke Booklists

How to Complete the Challenge:

The most important thing you need to do is read some Read Woke books (anything that challenges you to think about other people, other places, or situations new to you). Then, to ‘complete’ the challenge and be eligible for the Grand Prize Draws, you will need to earn each badge. To earn a badge, you will:

- Read at least one corresponding book each month

- Tell us something you learned/enjoyed 

- Encourage others to read woke.

How To Get Signed Up:

To participate in the challenge, you will need to make sure you have registered for a Beanstack account. If you or someone in your household participated in a Summer Reading Club Challenge, then you already have one. If not, here is how you can get started:

1. Visit your app store to download the Beanstack Tracker App to your smart phone or device, OR visit to use the browser version.

2. Register yourself for an account. If more than one person in your household is registering for the reading challenge (we have three age groups to choose from), create one account for the whole family and add multiple readers. (TIP: make sure you look for Milton Public Library, Ontario. We’re the one with the bee logo)

3. Select your Read Woke challenge, based on your age. 

Read Woke Is For Everyone:

Access the children's content here

Access the adult content here

Have questions? Email us at: 

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